Welcome to Sempo-Tahoe's Asia Pacific committee. We just formed this committee and have again, without notice, appointed two new members:

Ms. Smudge & Mr. Finster

Finster - Mr Finster - is named after Chuckie Finster (of the Rugrats fame).
Finn was a much better name for a pup than Chuckie.......

Smudge - Ms Smudge - is just - well - smudge. After all - to 'smudge' is to
smear something as with dirt, soot, or ink...... That's Smudgey!

Of course, Finster and Smudge are both eminently qualified to lead SEMPO
Asia Pacific. After all - they are Beagles. And Beagles are hunting dogs,
sniffer dogs - and spent untold hours following their nose in search..... In
fact - Beagles probably search more than most SEO's.

More importantly - being tri coloured beagles, they are truly representative
of all major SEO hat colours....black, white & brown......

We are on a mission


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