Sempo-Tahoe, without notice has formed its' UKCommittee. We are extremely excited about the opportunities that this will provide to Sempo-Tahoe and our worldwide goals to promote search engine marketing in Tahoe and the UK. We are headed up by some of the finest Dogs and Pigs in the world!!

Our first meeting was held, without notice, on September 13, 2004. Committee members were not notified about the meeting, but were later told that they had agreed to pay a stipend to Sam in the amount of $350 per hour. Although, Sam still has not been formally appointed into the position of Executive Director.

None of the committee members object to the stipend to Sam, but are just confused as to why they didn't get to vote on it?

This has been explained, by the current administration, to be an oversight.

"I am thrilled to be on the UK Committee, I was just hoping to be notified about the meeting. That's o.k. if it is for the good of Search Engine Marketing Worldwide."

Sam - UK
"I too was not notified of being on the committee."

"Whilst not very experienced at SEO, I have considerable experience in getting leads. I am also very good friends with the other committee
members, which has to count for something, right?

"I am sure that my unexpected appointment was due to my previous experience in 'running round in circles' - a skill which I will use to improve efficiency within the organization."

"I was notified and am thrilled to be a part of it. I think it will really help my
business being a small SEM."

We are on a mission


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