Sempo-Tahoe Press Release
Top Dog of Search, Announces 3 New Legal Advisors


(PRWEB) October 14, 2004 -- Sempo-Tahoe founded in Tahoe in September 2004 by two dogs.

Sammyb, of Sempo-Tahoe, Interim Executive Director, is excited to announce that, without any votes or member notification, he has appointed 3 jailbird ferrets into legal advisory positions for Blitzie, Ziya and Zoe, all behind bars, are heading up our legal review. I am very excited to announce their advisory positions and welcome them aboard at

Other new positions include:
- Charlie the Chicken, Ambassador - Director of Sempo Tahoe Member Communication and Jody his Left Hand Chimp.
- 2 Lazy Lizards acting as our Investment Fund Advisors.
- 3 Mad Cows appointed to East Coast Moo-keting Division.

We are accepting new nominations without review, so please contact me at for your immediate appointment.

We are also very excited that BMW was willing to accept our kibble in tradeout for my new car that. you can see it at:

Other critical news includes the development of our new member communication forum:
that we put up in less than 2 days.

We also have our new blog, which is always fresh with commentary:

We are also setting up a "Tell A Friend" system to help our membership base reach global parameters.

Other news includes:
-Website statistics - We have had over 2000 visitors in under 2 weeks.
-We have 33 members and growing each day.

Finally, I, personally, would like to Thank all the fine pets and hats that have supported us and helped us to get to #4 on Google in under 1 week after launch.

WE AREN'T THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. ~Sammyb "Top Dog of Search"

Please send all follow-up questions to:
Interim Executive Director

# # #

Press Contact: Sammy B
Company Name: SEMPO-TAHOE
Phone: 530-546-3699

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