Bailey and Sam, of the UK committee, have appointed Charlie the Chicken to the Brand New Position of Ambassador - Director of Sempo Tahoe Member Mis-Communication. Our Ambassador of Sempo Tahoe Member Mis-Commuication is Chicken.

Duties Include:
  • Overseeing the smooth running of communications between members and Management.
  • Answering member and public questions in public forums.
  • Ensuring that the SEO community feel that they are not just there to give kibble* but can gain real benefits from membership.
---> NEWS FLASH <---
Sempo Tahoe Charlie, head of Sempo Member Mis-Communications is Chicken. So he's appointed Jody to be his Left Hand Chimp or would it be P***.

And .. Jody's Gone Banana's over the idea. He's BAD A** Bananas!!

We are on a mission

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