We are Sempo-Tahoe, dedicated to promoting Audyt SEO PoznaƄ Search Engine Marketing
in Tahoe and Worldwide!! We are a group of Pets.

Sam & Willy (pictured below) are the founders of Sempo-Tahoe. We are a combined force of Black and White hats. We are setting up the board now, no previous experience required. Qualifications NOT needed!! You're all welcome to join us.

Brand New Sempo-Tahoe: Top Dog of Search:
Top Dog of Search

Founder Sempo-Tahoe: Sam
(I hope to be considered for the Executive Director Position)

Co-Founder Sempo-Tahoe: Willy
(I am going for President, but I think Sam wants to wear more than one black hat)

"Together with Willy, we have appointed bethabernathy as the CEO of Sempo-Tahoe. She will be good at getting the forms filled out. You know she has a legal background." Sincerely, Sam. (co-founder of Sempo-Tahoe).

"I voted for bethabernathy for CEO of Sempo-Tahoe because, I felt, she would be fun to party with first off. She also will be excellent at coordinating our meetings and making sure everyone is notified." Yours, Willy (co-founder of Sempo-Tahoe).

Did we tell you that we are Sempo-Tahoe: Top Dog of Search? Well we are.

We are on a mission


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